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Choi Jeong Hwa, Breathing Flower • Honolulu Biennial 2017: Middle of Now | Here

May 09, 2017

Art in Ward Village

Whether it's art inspired by our Hawaiian past, interactive murals, or the awe-inspiring works of artists from Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i, art can be found nearly anywhere you look in Ward Village. Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of all art pieces in Ward Village.


1010 - Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i

South Shore Market (Fronting Queen Street)


Ara Feducia

Ae‘o Barricade

Check out the Ae'o Barricade artwork from pre-production to final form here


Duncan Jago - Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i

Ward Court (Exterior)

Photo coming soon.


Joram Roukes - Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i

Ward Centre (Parking Garage Exterior)


Ernest Zacharevic - Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i

Ward Warehouse (Next to Amphitheater Stage)


Kamran Samimi

Ae‘o Barricade

Check out the Ae'o Barricade artwork from pre-production to final form here


Ke Kilohana Barricade

Kilohana is a high-reaching peak in the Ko'olau Mountains and is also the namesake of the Ke Kilohana, a new residential development in Ward Village. Ten Hawai'i-based artists were given a photograph of Kilohana/Ko'olau Mountains as an inspirational starting point, and asked to create their own interpretation of or homage to Kilohana. The result is an art mural that is at once an ode to this majestic mountain peak and a demonstration of the diversity of artistic voices in Hawai'i.

Featuring artwork by:

  • Carl F.K. Pao
  • Cory Kamehanaokala Taum
  • Janetta Napp
  • Jason Southard
  • Kai‘ili Kaulukukui
  • Keola Naka‘ahiki Rapozo
  • Meala Bishop
  • Nanea Lum
  • Ran Novack
  • Solomon Enos

Ke Kilohana Barricade Original Artwork

South Shore Market (Next to Lucy's Lab Creamery)

Featuring artwork by:

  • Carl F. K. Pao - ‘O Kilohana
    I was raised in Kailua, so the Ko‘olau were always watching over me, inspiring me. These peaks are my ancestors. Mahalo nunui e Kilohana for all of the aloha you continue to give us.
  • Cory Kamehanaokala Taum - Untitled
    Taum is a Pacific artist with a particular intereste in sharing the mo‘olelo (stories) of his Maoli heritage and cultural exchange. He has exhibited art locally and has created murals for POW! WOW! Hawaii (since 2012). His work can also be found hidden in Hawaiian forests, often on abandoned WWII military structures and other "invasive surfaces" like Albizia trees.
  • Janetta Napp - No Title
    Art always inspires me to change something. As an artist, I have always been interested in natural forms and things that show change, movement, and variations. I enjoy creating forms and images of things unseen, and making them new.
  • Jason Southard - Kilohana Can
    I made this piece with the intention of introducing this mountain range both to natives and foreigners. It's also a piece about the history of the land before we arrived and its future after we lave. The variety of green hues follows the crevasses of the actual mountains. Like us, it's a mixture of views and reality meshed together.
  • Kai‘ili Kaulukukui - Kilohana In Watercolor
    Having spent most of my childhood on the Windward side of O‘ahu, the Ko‘olau range was an awe-inspiring reminder of the grandeur and magnitude of nature. Growing up, I hiked her forests, camped under the stars, and painted her peaks and valleys. It was special for me to learn a bit of history about Kilohana and to try to represent that feeling through my work.
  • Keola Naka‘ahiki Rapozo - Kāpala to Palapala
    This work is inspired by the oral transfer of history through language and chant, song, and conversation, and sharpened by repition, which has always been the method of passing of knowledge. Kilohana, located in the uplands of Kalihi Valley, is the home of Haumea and is juxtaposed with my interpretation of modern ‘ohe kāpala (bamboo stamps used to imprint kapa).
  • Meala Bishop - Window to Ke Kilohana
    A great way to lay the foundation for urban stewardship is honoring Kanaka Maoli mauka-to-makai knowledge. Acknowledging these Ways of Knowing for future city planning would be yet another definition of aloha.
  • Nanea Lum - Ke Kilohana
    Ke Kilohana is a place that is real by both being there and imagining yourself there. The landscapes of the earth and the heavens are within our reach when we give them presence.
  • Ran Noveck - Ke Kilohana Flow
    Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, Noveck is a Honolulu-based artist who fell in love with the Islands after his first visit in 1992. He now calls Hawai‘i home. The sense of liquid motion runs through all of his creations, and vibrant colors and thick, flowing lines characterize his surf - and ocean-inspired work.
  • Solomon Enos - Kilohana in Cross Section
    I painted a cross section of Kilohana as a way to observe the amazing 25-year voyage every drop of water makes - from misty mountain top to tap to mouth. Mountains are full of micro functions and are a life-giving resource.

Kelsey Montague - #WhatLiftsYou

South Shore Market (Between Holoholo Market & Kealopiko)


Lenny Kāholo

Ae‘o Barricade

Check out the Ae‘o Barricade artwork from pre-production to final form here.


Matthew & Roxanne Ortiz - Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i

Photo coming soon.


Prints by Kealopiko

South Shore Market (Interior)

Photo coming soon.


Maser - Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i

Ward Warehouse (Next to Nā Me Hawai‘i)


Matthew Tapia - Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i

Ward Warehouse (Next to Aupuni Place)


Sig Zane Mural

South Shore Market (Fronting Queen Lane)

Photo courtesy of Linny Morris.


Solomon Enos - Keaomelemele Art Installation

IBM Building (Interior, Lobby)

Learn about the Keaomelemele Art Installation from Solomon Enos himself, in our video here.


South Shore Market Living Walls

South Shore Market (Next to Cameron Hawai‘i & Mori by Art + Flea)


The Akule's Ball by Rae Douglass

South Shore Market (Interior, Common Area in front of Salvage Public & Twin Islands)

The Akule's Ball is a kinetic sculpture inspired by the large schools of fish that the artist Rae Douglass has encountered on his long distance ocean swims at various spots around Oahu. Besides being an ocean swimmer, Rae is also an architect and inventor with multiple patents in the lighting and toy industries. Rae has created permanent sculptures based on his inventions at numerous public venues across the country. The Akule's Ball utilizes two of Rae's inventions: The fish decals utilize an iridescent film developed by Rae to produce the color effects. The structure of the sculpture is made from a matrix designed to convey 3D and motion effects from 2D imagery.


Tony Cragg

Waiea (Exterior)


Valerie Wade's Lotus Flower Lights

IBM Building (Interior, 1st Floor Bathrooms)

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