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Jan 02, 2019

For A Better You

It seems that with self-awareness comes the innate drive to improve our lives.

One way we habitually do this is through New Year's resolutions. In fact, humans have been making New Year's resolutions for thousands of years. Ancient Babylonians made resolutions to their gods at the beginning of every year to return borrowed object and repay outstanding debts. The Romans kicked off their New Years by making promises to the god Janus. We continue this tradition by making personal promises to eat healthier, exercise more, reduce stress, and yes, we're still trying to pay off our debts. Check out these four ways to change your eating habits, reduce stress, and exercise more, and get on the right path to accomplish your New Year's goals.

Become a Locavore

Eating locally sourced food has so many benefits, such as fresher, more nutrient-rich food, significantly reduced shipping distances, and support for local farmers, which, in turn, supports local communities. The ripple effects of eating local spread fast and far. It's a change for the better for you and the locale where you're eating. The Kaka'ako Farmers Market, which takes place every Sunday in Ward Village, is a great place to find locally grown produce and value-added products like jams, honey, and artisanal sausage. For a sit-down full-service option, check out Merriman's in Ward Village's Anaha. Peter Merriman is a pioneer of farm-to-table eating in Hawai'i and one of the inventors of Hawaii Regional Cuisine. This neighborhood bistro makes it easy and ridiculously delicious to eat local. If you prefer to do your own cooking, Whole Foods Market in Ward Village, where you'll find all manner of locally grown produce and other locally sourced products.

Center Yourself

All the distraction in life—the news, the hand-held devices, the expectations—can quickly accumulate and weigh on your mind, causing stress and anxiety. Lighten your load and lift your spirits by centering yourself. People achieve a more positive and quiet state of mind through a range of activities. Movement and breathing are a great way to achieve inner peace and yoga is one way to get there. Check out Core Power Yoga for practicing a variety of yoga styles in a studio setting. Some people feel that viewing art is a form of meditation. If you agree, Ward Village offers an abundance of public art exhibits and art galleries like Nā Mea Hawaii.

Get in The Ocean More

Want to improve your health and have fun doing it? Then get in the ocean. Sea salt contains skin-friendly minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium, and absorbs toxins in the body and on the skin. Ala Moana Beach Park, the south shore's ocean-activity gem, holds so many opportunities to get in the water. With a handful of surf breaks that stretch the entire length of the reef, board sports dominate the activity in the surfline. Swimmers and stand-up paddlers can take advantage of the calm swimming channel that runs parallel to the beach. Do a few laps from Magic Island to Kewalo Basin, or just splash and play on the shoreline. For an added workout, run or bike Ala Moana Beach Park's generous pedestrian path, and then jump in the water to cool off. If you prefer just to get your feet and ankles wet, opt for a boat charter to take you fishing, parasailing, or a sail along the south shore.

Spend More Time with the Four-legged Friends

Whether it's a service animal, emotional support pet, or a best friend, dog's are just fun to be around. Get some exercise and take your dog for a walk anywhere in Ward Village, which is pet friendly and pup ready. Take your pooch to your favorite café and play Frisbee at Kolowalu Park. Just make sure you also resolve to pick up after your dog.

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