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Jan 31, 2018

Get Connected

Through the rise of Instagram, thousands of us can instantly be transported to a new world.

From dark cubicles abroad, viewers can connect with a warm Honolulu sunset, a heart-thumping surf session at Pipeline, or a simple-yet-emblematic moment from life in one of the world's most intoxicating places—all with a simple "follow." To be blunt, Hawaii is crushing the Instagram game. To make sure you're staying up to speed on island livin', make sure you're following these five Hawaii-based Instagram accounts.


Follow For: Fashion, Food, Good Vibes, Travel

A native of Honolulu, Lindsey Higa, or better known on the gram as Pineapple Ice, has become a leading trendsetter in the city's fashion, food, and fun world. With leagues of fans from all corners of the world, Pineapple Ice is showcasing a side of Honolulu that's as hip as anywhere in the world. One day, she's posting the mouth-watering bowl of pho you've ever seen from Piggy Smalls and the next she's modeling swimwear at a hidden beach—all with a flair that's all her own. Both fashion conscious crowds and beach-lovers alike will vibe with Pineapple Ice.


Follow For: Surfing, Adventure, and Oh-My God!

In the world of surf photographers, Zak Noyle has built a reputation for himself as being utterly fearless. To capture the shot, he's willing to sit deeper, and in more dangerous areas of the lineup, than anyone else. While Zak's father, Ric, is also a renowned photographer in the city known for capturing life and landscapes, Zak has chosen to make the harrowing lineups of Tahiti, Pipeline, and Jaws his workplace and his images place you inside some of the most dangerous moments in surfing. Remember the Eddie Swell of a few years back? The one where the world's best waterman were at a loss for words? Yeah, well Zak shot it all from the lineup...swimming. His accomplishments, range from being a staff photographer for Surfer magazine to having his work featured in the New York Times to name just a few. For a very up close and personal view from surfing's scariest waves, you'll want to connect with Zak.


Follow For: Adventure, Travel, Hiking, Inspiration

From the sleepy Garden Island of Kauai, Chelsea Yamase has been giving the world a glimpse into what appears to be heaven on earth for years. With nearly half-a-million followers, Chelsea's feed often includes the most jaw-dropping hikes, coastlines, and beach feeds you'll find anywhere in the islands. That being said, don't be surprised to see her globe-trotting from her home base of Kauai off to the likes of Havana, New York, or Iceland. If you're looking to escape and are craving a glimpse into adventure, give her a follow.


Follow For: Fashion, Chic, Style

Although Halley Elefante may have roots in New York, she's become the embodiment of the tropical chic lifestyle. With a keen eye for boho beachy vibes, the Salty Blonde's feed reflects a mix of Halley's carefree-but-on point fashion sense, paired with magical North Shore beaches, lush landscapes, and the occasional trip to the city. She's got style for days.


Follow For: Healthy, Food, Country Livin', Family Vibes

If there's a cooler mom in the world than Andrea Hannemann, who flies under the Earthy Andy handle on Insta, we haven't met her. From her magical home on the North Shore, Andrea's feed captures the beautiful and vibrant life of a North Shore mom, her two tow-headed tanned sons, and her husband for her 750-thousand-plus followers. Her days are often spent munching on healthy bites, surfing with her adorable sons, and generally spreading good vibes and healthy recipes. If you're into nutrition, sunshine, and some general inspo on living a happier, healthier, you'll want to connect with Earthy Andy.

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