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Aug 21, 2018

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No matter the season, we can all agree that ice cream is one cool treat. And now that summer is in full swing, this treat magically becomes even better.

Did you know that 87 percent of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any given time, or that the average American scarfs down 48 pints of ice cream each year? Forty-eight pints! Indeed, America is the number two ice cream consuming country in the world, beaten out only by Hawai'i's farthest Polynesian neighbor, New Zealand. Yes, we love ice cream; so much so that one in five people admit to sharing their ice cream with their pet. However you prefer your ice cream—sugar cone, waffle cone, dipped in chocolate, topped with whipped cream, or licked by your pooch—Ward Village's Ben & Jerry's, Lucy's Lab Creamery, Via Gelato, Pa'ina Café, and Big City Diner have your favorite flavor-and-topping combos ready to devour before summer melts away.

Ben & Jerry's

This summer, "It's Dough Time" at Ben & Jerry's in the Ward Entertainment Center. The legendary Vermont ice cream maker created the first cookie dough ice cream way back in 1984, and this summer they are introducing three new original, hearty dough flavors. Packed with chunks of dough and swirls of savory, these flavors are more like a meal than a dessert. Go Hawai'i style and pack three scoops of ice cream into a banana split, or serve up some dough-centric ice cream with two more cookies, the Cookie Cookie Sundae, just for good measure.

Lucy's Lab Creamery

South Shore Market is home to one of the most unique and inventive ice cream shops in the islands. Lucy's Lab Creamery is known for its bold, bright flavors, such as Buttery Popcorn, Fruit Loop Vodka, Thai Iced Latte, Strawberry Moscato, and Whiskey Bacon. Since Lucy's is as much a dessert-laboratory as it is a creamery, order the Lucy's Lab classic Pan de Crème, a warm, brioche-style roll filled with one of those cold, creamy, and compelling flavors you know you want to try.

Via Gelato

Smoother and silkier than traditional ice cream, gelato is quickly becoming a dessert favorite on the south shore. Via Gelato, located in Ward Centre, has quickly become the premier gelato maker in Hawai'i, offering 16 to 20 fresh flavors made daily. Stay Hawai'i-style with flavors like Li-Hing Pineapple or Green Tea Oreo, or try something decadent like Fierce Chocolate or Millionaire Butter Pecan. No matter which flavors you prefer, make sure you pack it into a waffle cone.

Pa'ina Café

A trip to Ward Centre wouldn't be complete without a stop a Pa'ina Café for an ice-cold açaí bowl. A healthy (but no less tasty) version of an ice cream sundae, Pa'ina Café's açaí bowl is served with local guava, hemp granola, organic honey, fresh blueberries, strawberries, and banana. Refreshing and filling, think of this açaí bowl as either a meal replacement, or a dessert replacement. Either way, you win.

Big City Diner

When it's mid-summer, mid-day hot outside and you just know a scoop of ice cream is going to melt instantaneously, beat your ice cream to the punch and pick up a classic milkshake at Big City Diner in the Ward Entertainment Centre. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, or Oreo and top it with whipped cream and a bright red maraschino cherry for a favorite dessert that'll never melt away.

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