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Jul 24, 2018

In the Elements with Zak Noyle and Daniel Fuller

Just when you thought that the summer surf season might be taking a break, a new swell washes ashore. That's right, The Summer Slide at Ward Village is just hitting its stride.

As the latest set in our celebration of season, we're elated to showcase the inspiring photography of two legendary local surfers and lensmen, Zak Noyle and Daniel Fuller, in a new exhibit at Ward Centre titled Water and Light.

Opening to the public on July 27, this free pop-up gallery will display a collection of seldom seen, beautiful moments from the lineup, captured in a creative format that allow the viewer a new perspective into this treasured pastime. To be sure, surfers and surf fans from all walks will appreciate the time, commitment, and unique angles that each of these artists bring to their craft. Gallery hours will be Wednesday through Saturday 11am-9pm, and Sunday 11am-6pm until August 17. To boot, the space will feature a real-life shaping bay, where local shapers cut surfboards to the delight of anyone passing by. The gallery will also include a pop-up juice and ice-pop shop by Haleiwa Bowls and a surfboard shaping room where you can view boards being shaped on the spot.

As prominent figures in the surf world, both Fuller and Noyle have been major players in shaping surf culture. Fuller, who was born amid the wave-sodden reefs and lush grounds of Kaua'i, has been a long-time pro surfer. As a teenager, he, along with the likes of Roy Powers, Bruce and Andy Irons, Dustin Barca and others, firmly placed the Garden Island on the map as a haven for raw surfing talent. Soon, the industry took note, nearly sponsoring his entire crew out right and setting the stones for dozens of future careers in professional surfing.

The following years saw Fuller mature as a surfer, known for his versatility in a myriad of conditions, a man equally capable of blowing minds in 3-foot beach breaks as he was in 12-foot Pipeline. Surfing was his beginning. And according to him, it's always been—and will always be—a pivotal component in his life. It's been the foundation that has allowed him to develop as a person, forge relationships with new people, and open up new chapters in his life story. But if you were to ask him today if it defines him, you'd be met with an emphatic "not hardly."

In the coming years, while his career continued to strengthen as a surfer, his infatuation with photography began to bubble. He found he had a natural talent behind the lens, and with a meticulous eye, Fuller began working on a series of long-exposure shots taken in the dead of night. If his settings were perfectly dialed, the darkened landscapes would be brought to life by the moonlight.

The results

were next level, to say the least.

"They're called moonscape photos and they're pretty tough to do. Basically, you have to have a full moon with little to no cloud cover for the image to come out. I've gotten into tracking lunar cycles as much as swell schedules," Danny says with a wry laugh. "I'll usually set up my camera at midnight and work till about 5am." With his camera in tow, Fuller would follow swells across the world, organizing quick strike missions from JFK to Tavi, Teahupo'o, and beyond. It was on one of these trips to Tavarua that fate intervened and Fuller met a friend, Scott Murphy, involved in the New York art scene, who offered to lead him through the paces and encouraged him to have his own showing. Fast-forward nearly 10 years and Fuller's work has been shown to praise across the globe.

Noyle, who hails from O'ahu, has been a mainstay in the surf scene for more than a decade and has earned a reputation for being an utterly fearless photographer. In the fury of a heaving swell, only the bravest lensmen with enough skill and bravado will adventure into the lineups, capturing the action with nothing more than a pair of swim-fins and a heavy water housing for their camera. Noyle is at the head of this crew. In 3-foot surf, shooting from the vantage point of the water can be a taxing task to say the least. Do it in 20-foot Waimea during The Eddie, and you're a downright madman. Welcome to Zak Noyle's world.

As comfortable as he is swimming amid the most treacherous of surf conditions, Noyle has the innate ability to not only keep his cool, but he can capture a moment of pure bliss amid a maelstrom. This is his passion, and he's earned himself a reputation as the best in the business. His work has been prominently featured in every surf magazine you can find, and he worked as a staff photographer, specializing in shooting the most dangerous conditions, for Surfer Magazine, Red Bull, and RVCA for years. To boot, he and Fuller are both close friends and often work together. They most recently showcased a collection in Japan, but this gallery will mark the first time the Hawai'i boys will have their work showcased together in the islands.

We're delighted to be showcasing Fuller and Noyle's work and we welcome you to the show.

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