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Feb 08, 2019

Let There Be Love: Valentine's Day

In 1861, Richard Cadbury, of Cadbury Chocolates legacy and fame, created the world’s first heart-shaped candy box for Valentine’s Day. What spurred him to combine chocolate and a ubiquitous symbol of love, romance, and affection? In the 1800s, physicians commonly believed that eating chocolate could ease a broken heart, but it was mostly likely chocolate’s perceived helpfulness as an aphrodisiac or elixir for love that spurred him to package his chocolates in an oversized heart-shaped box for Cupid’s holiday. More than 150 years later, while you won’t find a physician prescribing dark chocolate for love lost, we’re still giving chocolate as a sign of affection to express our love. This Valentine’s Day, we welcome you to celebrate your love at Ward Village, where you’ll find some of the city’s best restaurants, memory-making activities for active couples, the latest Rom Com, and, of course, some of the best chocolate in Hawai‘i. 

Stay Active, Together 

For those who prefer physical fitness to chocolate cake, there are several options in the neighborhood, from beach activities to yoga. Head to Ala Moana Beach Park, where you can swim or stand-up paddle along the shoreline or just picnic in the sun with your sweetheart by your side, enjoying the great outdoors. Ward Village also offers several yoga options, from a free class at Courtyard Yoga to Core Power Yoga in South Shore Market. 

Catch a Movie and Win Big 

Laughter is the best medicine and a light-hearted romantic comedy is the perfect icebreaker for new love. In conjunction with Courtyard Cinema and Valentine’s Day, we’re running a special Instagram contest that you’re sure to love. To receive special seating, drinks, and a box of chocolates for the Courtyard Cinema Valentine’s Day screening of Crazy Rich Asians, simply enter our Instagram contest. We’ll be choosing six winners. And did we mention that one winner will receive a $100 gift card to Merriman’s? Head to our Insta page now to enter and learn more.  

Not Your Ordinary Box of Chocolates 

A standard box of chocolates will usually have a variety of chocolate morsels—chocolates filled with fruit-flavored crèmes, chocolate-covered nuts, or even caramel-filled chocolates. At Lucy’s Lab Creamery in the South Shore Market, discovering the array of delicious, unique flavors of made-in-house ice cream, combined with all the colorful and fun toppings, is like a opening a fine box of assorted chocolates, except it’s ice cream. Mix and match cone, ice cream, and toppings to create a made-for-you dessert. Try the Brownie Batter or Nutella ice cream to get your chocolate fix. And, of course, don’t forget to share.  

Grab Dinner at Nobu 

We’ll be upfront: It doesn’t get much better than dinner for two at Nobu. And on Valentine’s Day, the culinary minds behind the restaurant are slated to take it up a notch with a special Valentine’s Day menu. Take your time and enjoy a seven-course Omakase feast that begins with hotate ceviche with pickled salsa, continues with king salmon jalapeño and chef’s premium Nobu-style sushi and sashimi, then finishes with spiny lobster and grilled Wagyu in Luxardo cherry teriyaki sauce, followed by a decadent dessert. The seating runs at $150 per person with advance reservation required. Or if you’re keen for a simpler affair, snuggle up at the bar on a lover’s whim for cocktails and delicious appetizers and simply enjoy each other’s company. 

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