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Nov 23, 2018

Planting Sugar Cane: Kō'ula at Ward Village

Nestled in the heart of Ward Village, a new tower, Kō'ula, is putting down roots in this dynamic neighborhood.

When it came to naming the forthcoming residence, we tapped the shoulder of famed cultural expert Sig Zane. With a reverence for the culture, people, and places that came before us, Zane researched, studied, and devised a beautiful name befitting of the land's rich history, yet cognizant of the modern community taking shape. "We chose the name Kō'ula for this residence. We take a lot of time to really understand the project and the history," says Sig Zane. "For us, it's really important. Names have meaning. And we like to connect the people and the places that existed here before us, back in to the name. When we researched the residence, we learned that this area was once known as Kō'ula. The name also translates into red sugar cane. And if you look at the plans for the building, you'll see that its wavy lines mirror the silhouette of sugar cane."

In Hawai'i the Zane 'ohana has become a cultural mainstay. Based in Hilo, the family remains an integral element in both perpetuating Hawaiian culture and history, as well making some of the finest aloha shirts and apparel on the market. Through the colorful patterns and designs emblazoned onto their clothing, the brand has evolved over the years, becoming a household name in the state. As upholders of history and style, for the Sig Zane brand, it's important that each garment tells a story. In similar fashion, there's meaning behind every residential tower in Ward Village, and Kō'ula was certainly no exception.

Designed by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang, Kō'ula's 565 residents will offer homeowners mesmerizing vistas, jaw-dropping amenities, and all of the community-driven comfort that comes with calling Ward Village home. With its signature gentle curves, the building truly does take on the shape of a stalk of sugarcane, gracefully dancing in the wind on a cool Hawaiian afternoon. The subtle bends yield something mystifying and wonderous, a building in motion. Through its form and the sun overhead, Kō'ula will be constantly creating its own art in the form of shadows and light-play throughout the day. According to Studio Gang, the exterior design creates a fluid, waving facade giving way to residences that bend to the coastline, allowing for stunning ocean views and natural light.

In a recent interview with Architectural Digest, Jeanne Gang discussed the elements of the building that inspired her. "I love the way the building moves and twists. I think it's going to be very exciting to see how the building will respond to light and shadow."

Renowned interior design firm Yabu Pushelberg will be responsible for designing the interiors. Based out of Canada, the firm has worked with a wealth of international luxury brands. Design blog Dezeen wrote that "...interiors will focus on natural materials, colors and textures, and an abundance of greenery. Among the spaces is a communal area with stone flooring, huge slatted wooden doors and large windows."

Standing tall at 41 stories, Kō'ula will be located on Auahi Street, tucked between Ward Entertainment Center and Central Plaza. As a future gathering place for Honolulu, Victoria Ward Park will connect the neighborhood and will be home to a diverse collection of events, art, and culture. Along the lower level, restaurants and shops will occupy the building and serve as a conduit to the expansive park nearby. There's no doubt that Kō'ula will become both an architectural beacon in the city, and a renowned home for residents looking for a slice of sophistication and serenity in the beating heart of the city. We look forward to keeping you updated on our journey.

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