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Allison Fetzer

Nov 16, 2014

Q&A With Design Concierge Allison Fetzer

Photos by Tony Shih

One of the unique services that Ward Village owners have access to is a dedicated Design Concierge to assist them through the upgrade and option selections for their new home.

On an average day, Ward Village design concierge Allison Fetzer may be found at the Waiea or Anaha model showroom on the sixth floor of the Ward Village Information Center, walking new homeowners through design options for their future residences. These consultations allow owners an opportunity to put their personal design touch on their future home.

Having grown up on the North Shore of O‘ahu and receiving her bachelor's degree in interior design from the Design Institute of San Diego, in California, Allison is one of many kama‘aina on the Ward Village team. As a child of the islands, she naturally spent a great deal of time at the beach and loved the effortless lifestyle that came along with it, and this has largely influenced her personal design theory: "Inspire, design, live." This, along with her never-ending energy and easygoing personality, are just a sample of the traits that have made her an essential part of the Ward Village residential experience.

What is your favorite thing about providing Design Concierge services to homeowners?

Meeting and getting to know the buyers. I'm a people person and enjoy the personal interaction. I also enjoy the creative aspect of the role —I meet with a buyer and review their unit and work with them to customize and put their personal touch on it.

What are your favorite options so far?

The full-height wine refrigerator from Miele. It holds 102 bottles and has 3 different temperature zones for your reds, whites, and sparkling. Also, some of the upgraded stone material options. In Anaha, there is a grey and white limestone option for the master bathroom floor and the lower sections of the walls. Personally, I am really drawn to this material. I like how it adds a subtle texture to the bathroom and yet blends well with the rest of the finishes.

What are some of the most unique design options available?

Waiea and Anaha buyers have an opportunity to customize their residences by selecting from a variety of finishes and features prior to moving in. For example, in Anaha, buyers who have allergy concerns have the option to remove the carpet in their bedrooms and install wood flooring. In Waiea and Anaha, there is the option of a built-in bathtub installed instead of the standard free-standing bathtub. These are examples of our options that help enhance on a functional level, while on the aesthetic side we offer stone upgrades for the master bathrooms. When you think of most condominium buildings having hundreds of units, they all have the exact same finishes and all look exactly the same. The service I am a part of is a way to welcome buyers into new homes already customized to match their individual lifestyles.

What is something that inspires you?

Currently I am really inspired by textures. I was in Italy last month and found myself drawn to the pattern in the cobblestone streets. The pattern varied from city to city, Rome, to Florence, to Pisa—they all had a unique design. I'm also inspired by the intricate patterns on shells I find at the beach in front of my house. It is fascinating to me how small yet detailed they can be.

Also, our homeowners inspire me. Their personality, lifestyle, location of their project, and their intention for the space. My theory on design is: "Inspire, design, live." There must be something inspirational: a spark, a feeling, or an element of curiosity to begin with. Then, designing and planning should ensure that not only will the design be aesthetically pleasing, but that it will function as our homeowners need it to and stand the test of time. And "live"—this is so important, that the quality of life is enhanced by the previous two elements. It should evoke the feelings and energy that it was intended to and create a comfortable and exciting environment to be in.

What's coming up in the future?

I recently completed the Waiea selections and have just begun the meetings for the Anaha buyers. After that is complete, I have a lot of follow-up to make sure every aspect and detail is correct for each buyer's unit. I work with an incredible team, and I am so fortunate that I get to collaborate my efforts with such a talented support system.

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