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Aug 30, 2018

The Perfect Labor Day Weekend at Ward Village

With Labor Day just around the bend, we know that summer will soon be coming to a close. (Sigh.)

And while we'll miss the warm evenings, brilliant sunsets, and late nights, we're going to say our farewells to the season in the best way we know how. That's right, we're gonna live it up in the city this weekend. We're going big and have curated a handy Labor Day list of fun ways for you—and your sweetheart—to enjoy. Now let's go have an unforgettable weekend.

1. Slide through the last swells of the summer

Your day begins with a morning surf at the crown jewel of the Honolulu surf scene: Ala Moana. Because there's no way better way to greet the day than surfing, you're going to have a blast. It's the perfect way to start what's sure to be a perfect weekend. And lucky for you, the surf is forecast to look pretty dang fun over the holiday. So grab your sleds and let's go surfing.

2. Biki through the city and picnic at the park

So you've caught a few set waves and have officially celebrated Labor Day weekend in style. Now, you're ready to roam through the city on two wheels. After you've cycled through Downtown and Kakaako, it's time for a picnic. Let's head to Holoholo at South Shore Market for pupu before we make our way to the park.

At Holoholo you've foraged and gathered to your heart's content, pulling together a delectable assortment of snacks to enjoy. Right across the street, at Kolowalu Park, you'll find a perfect place to post up, chill out, snack, and do nothing. Yep, just hang out and enjoy it. Because remember, doing nothing in Honolulu is better than just about anything else, anywhere else.

3. Get your fortune told at Sedona

Who wouldn't like to know what their future holds? While we wouldn't be prepared to bet the farm on the predictions of a psychic reading, we would also be remiss if we didn't say that having our future read didn't sound like a whole lotta fun. Because it totes is. And did you know that you can do palm readings and many things metaphysical right here at Ward Centre? Sedona, who's proudly been serving Honolulu in their Ward Centre location for years, wants to see your palm. Let's go see what your future holds.

4. Preview the Ohana Marketplace

Once you've seen what the future, you're not interested in looking back anymore. So why not make your way to the soon-to-debut Ohana Hale Marketplace, located in the old Sports Authority? Composed of an array of vendors, this brand new indoor marketplace will be home to just about everything your heart could desire. From food to tchotchkes, and beyond, you could spend hours wandering the isles collecting goodies.

5. Head to Ginza Sushi for Dinner

With the shopping done and your fortunes told, it's time to dine. And we're craving sushi. Let's head to Ginza tonight, for mouth-watering favorites and a few glasses of sake. Their sushi is always delicious and their nigiri game is next level. Yumm. Let's hit up chef Russell and make a reservation now. We'll bid kampai to summer and howl at the moon. It's been an amazing summer, and now you've officially made the most of it.

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