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Jun 14, 2016

Most Call It Downsizing, We Call it Rightsizing

It's been said that moving can be among the most stressful events that any of us will ever undertake.

Although it may sound like an innocuous task, the seemingly simple act of collecting and packing up your belongings has been the undoing of more than a few of us. "How did we get so much stuff" is a common refrain muttered while we move. And if you're rightsizing downsizing from a large home and moving into a smaller, more modern space, the challenges of decluttering can often seem insurmountable. But it doesn't have to be that way. To help keep your move as seamless and stress-free as possible, we sat down with Christopher Ching, of the home-accessories and design store Fishcake, for some helpful hints. If you can follow his advice before you downsize, the sting of moving may not be so bad after all.

Purge the Clutter

Before you make your move, Christopher recommends taking a few weeks (or even months) to sift through your belongings. Over our lives, we invariably collect lots of things—some hold meaning, other are just stuff. Here's the most important takeaway: Ditch the "stuff." "Before any big move, it's hugely important to minimize what you're bringing with you. Find what you love and keep the things that have meaning," says Christopher. "The other stuff, you can let it go. It actually feels really good sometimes to purge all the clutter." It's also helpful to remember the "One-Year Rule": If you haven't used something in a year, it's probably junk.

Create A "Maybe Box"

Separating the items that hold sentimental value from the things are just taking up space in your home can seem easy enough to some, but what about those items that you're just not sure about? Here's a helpful hint: create a Maybe Box months in advance. Take all of the items that could go either way, place them in boxes, and put them out of sight and out of mind for a month. Then come back to the box with a fresh set of eyes. According to ZenHabits, a website devoted to decluttering one's entire life, in many cases Maybe Boxes show us that we truly don't need many of the things we own. "After you've pulled out the box months later, see if it's anything you really needed," they wrote. "Usually, you can just dump [or donate] the whole box, because you never really needed that stuff anyway," proving that a little space really does go a long way.

Recycle Your Unwanted Items

Once you've cleared out and separated the items that you'll be bringing with you from the clutter, you're off to a great start. But what should you do with all of your unwanted items? Part of Fishcake's business model includes purchasing higher-end secondhand items. "If there are any big residence sales, we're always open to interesting pieces, especially mid-century modern pieces," says Christopher. "Feel free to reach out to us and we'll see if we can work something out." For larger items and appliances, consider reaching out to Reuse Hawaii, located in nearby Kaka'ako Waterfront Park.

Know Your Space

There's a plethora of ways to store your belongings in your new home without creating a cluttered space. Before you move, take some time to walk through and asses your new digs: How much storage is there? Are there ways to get creative? What about installing suspended shelving to keep the space open and breezy or what about utilizing the area underneath the bed to create a well-designed storage space? According to Christopher, these are all questions you should ask yourself and ponder on well before you move.

When You Still Need More Storage

Your new home may be is complete with sweeping views of the pacific and you love the sophisticated design. But even after you've purged, recycled, and made the most of your storage spaces, you're worried your gorgeous new home will still look cluttered. If this is the case, consider calling our friends at California Closets. They offer a wide variety of alternatives and the efficient results will amaze you. Also consider renting a storage unit to safely house your belongings that you just can't live without, but don't want to necessarily live with. Just a few blocks from Ward Village, you'll find a wealth of the storage options, including Public Storage and and StorQuest, which makes it easy to access those extra items if need be.

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