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Jan 15, 2019

Four Key Takeaways from Ae'o

Take a stroll down Kamakee Street and you'll find that a new block, rich with its own character, has emerged in the form of Ae'o, an enchanting new residence standing tall in the heart of Ward Village.

Since the debut of Whole Foods Market (the staple eatery and organic foods grocer is located on the ground floor of the building) last year, the public has been anticipating the official opening of Ae'o with bated breath. With its unmistakable silhouette, sweeping vistas, and unmatched amenities, Ae'o is setting a new benchmark for sophisticated urban living in Honolulu.

The Building's Designers are Truly Legendary

If you've ever marveled at the simple elegance of the now iconic Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, then you're familiar with the mesmerizing work of famed architecture and design group BCJ. As one of the most respected firms in the country, BCJ is responsible for bringing a host of progressive forms into existence, including the unmistakable Liberty Bell Center, which houses (you guessed it) the irreplaceable Liberty Bell. In 2010, founding partner Peter Bohlin received the AIA Gold Medal, the highest honor given by the American Institute of Architects to an individual.

The Amenities Will Leave You Swooning

Standing tall over the city, the tower features 466 stunningly designed residences and more than 60,000-square feet of retail space. Complete with a 25-meter fitness pool that stares out over the vast Pacific, private cabanas, gyms, saunas, a creative play-space for keiki, and so much more, the amenities at Ae'o are sure to leave you impressed. (Be prepared: you're going to see a lot of pool and sunset terrace photos on your social media feed in the coming months).

The Building Tells a Story

For hundreds of years, the Ae'o, or Hawaiian stilt bird, once inhabited the land that is now home to Ward Village. As an area once filled with taro fields and salt ponds, the 'ili of Kukulu—as it was once known—was home to a community long before Ward Village. In an effort to integrate the deep-seated stories and forces that gave life to this special land, BCJ worked with Hawaiian culture experts and historians to design a residence that effortlessly incorporates the legacy of the land with a 21st-century residential living experience that's truly second to none.

"Like the prevailing trade winds that frequent the islands and gave the Ae'o flight, the design of this building is meant to honor the wind," said Race Randle, SVP of Development at Ward Village. "The shape and design of the building is a reflection of that lightness and flow. Given the bird's history to this land, it felt like a way for us to pay tribute."

The Location Takes Urban Living to a Whole New Level

As a destination, Ward Village prides itself on creating a community that's accessible, walkable, comfortable, and convenient. Located almost directly in the center of this dynamic community stands Ae'o. Already an urban hub, residents of Ae'o will have the best of the city at their fingertips. In just a few short steps from the building, you'll find a plethora of shops, expansive parks, beaches, and award-winning restaurants. Commuting in and out of downtown literally becomes a breeze if you opt to take a bike to work. Using specialized bike lanes, you'll be in the office faster than most people could drive, all without having to look for parking. Not to mention the fact that if you fancy a fresh espresso and pastry in the morning or need to whip up a delicious dinner in an instant, all you'll have to do is head down the elevator to Whole Foods Market. Does it get any better than having an organic grocer literally located just steps from your door?




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