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Aug 10, 2015

6 Inexpensive Ways To Stay Active At Ward Village

Fitness, health and well-being has quickly become a cornerstone in communities around the world.

From walking to running to swimming to shopping (yes, shopping), the vast acreage of land that make up Ward Village provide many opportunities for people to stay active year round. Jogs around Ala Moana Beach Park with friends, bike rides for errands, an evening stroll with the pups on the village sidewalks, even shopping around the stores are just a few ways to get 30 minutes of exercise each day. The options for workouts, and inexpensive ones at that, are near limitless. Here are 6 of those inexpensive workouts around Ward Village.

There's no better gym (we think) than the ocean! And with with big blue ocean as our front yard, accessing this fitness center requires no enrollment or monthly fees.



Swimming, which helps to work muscles that are unintentionally missed, are a good break from a normal workout that impacts the hips, knees, and ankle joints. Swimming also helps to strengthen arms, legs, shoulders, and glutes, as well as abdominal muscles.



Add in the original Hawaiian sport of surfing (or stand up paddle boarding) at one of the best South Shore Waves - Kewalos - for another workout option. Nick Carroll, an exercise guru from Surfline says that surfing, with all of its paddling, jumping, and turning, is an excellent form of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Plus, with the added convenience of the South Shore Surf Cam, you can easily check the waves before you hit them!



Spotting runners is easy when you drive around Ward Village; especially on Ward Avenue or Ala Moana Boulevard. And runners aplenty can be found at Ala Moana Beach Park and for good reason. Aside from being free to do, it’s easy and requires no new skills or equipment. In addition, this exercise is known to burn more calories than any cardio exercise in the gym. It can help to strengthen your knees and keep your brain healthy, but best of all, running provides a good workout for your heart too.



Just across the street from Ward Village are the Ala Moana Beach Tennis Courts. Tennis is considered an ultimate workout, as it helps to exercise the body from head to toe. In addition to working out your arms, abs, and legs, it's another exercise that promotes heart health. And because you're required to react quickly when a ball is coming your way, tennis not only works out the body, it works the mind too.


Some might laugh and say that shopping does not equate to exercise, but it does. When you park your car and walk from one end of Ward Warehouse to another, then back to your car, you are walking, and walking burns calories - approximately 120 to 150 per every half an hour. If you park your car far from your intended destination (if you have one), that adds in distance to your walk. Plus, choosing to walk up stairs instead of taking the elevator can help you burn more calories too. Walking, as an exercise, is said to tone your legs, butt, and even your abdominal muscles if you pay particular attention to your posture. It helps with toning your arms, boosting vitamin D and providing you with energy.



Years ago, yoga became a very popular way of working out. Different yoga poses help to improve one's strength, balance, and flexibility. Its relaxing and meditation aspects also promote stress relief and combat conditions like fatigue. Though yoga helps to promote wellness, it should supplement a cardio exercise as well. Ward Village offers free weekly yoga (in partnership with CorePower Yoga ) in the Courtyard on Thursdays from 5:30p - 6:30p.

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