Golden Hour in Ward Village

Golden Hour in Ward Village

It’s just after 5:40pm and the sun is beginning to make its daily dip toward the horizon. Professional photographer Chris Rohrer checks the settings on his camera, studies his surroundings, and goes to work. As one of the city’s most creative, lovable, and talented lensmen, Chris has been given an interesting mission: Capture Golden Hour in Ward Village. 

As a means to pay tribute to the special time of day, just as the daylight fades into night and the air is light and easy, we tasked Chris to photograph the community, through his own lens. Just as you’d expect, especially if you’re familiar with Chris’s work, he came away with the goods. In the following gallery, we welcome you to Golden Hour at Ward Village, as seen through the eyes of the ever-talented Chris Rohrer. 

Anaha Pool Sunset

Perched above the city, standing in an infinity pool that overlooking Ala Moana and the expansive Pacific, just might be the perfect way to take in a classic Honolulu sunset.

Sunset Sky

Modern lines and interesting perspectives abound in Ward Village. When viewed from the right lens, and cast in a new light, you’ll find that there are varying ways of finding art beneath the surface, you just need to know how to look. 

Anaha Sunset

Standing vigil over the community, the unmistakable stacked blocks of Anaha take in yet another mesmerizing Honolulu sunset.

Ward Village Sunset

Complete with its iconic brise-soleil, the Ossipoff-designed Ward Village headquarters has captivated fans of architecture for decades. As one of the most recognizable buildings in Honolulu, the midcentury masterpiece takes on an extraordinary warmth in the twilight hours.

Ala Moana Sunset

When viewed from this vantage point, standing waist-deep in the tepid waters off Ala Moana Beach looking toward the horizon, it’s easy to let the day’s stress wash away.

Surfer Sunset

In the moments before sunset, the waves often turn on for a few brief moments as the winds fade. For surfers, this final spat of swell is often the last ride of the day. All of this begs the question: Is there a better way to end the day than a surf session with friends? We think not.

Ocean Sunset

While we’re fortunate enough to see jaw-dropping sunsets with regularity, it’s hard to take in this view of the sunset from Ward Village and not be moved. Needless to say, lucky we live Hawai‘i.