The Ward Village Run Guide to Honolulu

The Ward Village Run Guide to Honolulu

In this new decade, we’re making a continued commitment to wellness in its many forms. As part of this resolution, we’re lacing up our running shoes and are hitting the pavement by incorporating a running routine into our weekly schedule. Thankfully, with perfect weather and a slew of parks, trails, and boulevards at our disposal, finding a new favorite running route is a cinch, especially if you’re calling Ward Village a starting point.

Ala Moana Beach Park

Beginning at Ward Village, you’ll take a light jog across the street toward Ala Moana Beach Park where you’ll stretch for a few minutes before officially kickstarting your run. Because it’s a short route, just over 2 miles, a run around Ala Moana Beach Park is an ideal way to ease into a new work out routine. Making your way toward Diamond Head, your run takes you down Ala Moana Blvd. On your left, you’ll find a host of new residential towers and Ala Moana Mall, all the while workers, shoppers, and beachgoers enjoy another perfect day in Honolulu. As you near the 1-mile mark of your run, you’ll take a right turn toward Ala Moana Park Drive and the Waikiki Yacht Club. From here, you’ll loop back toward Ward Village through Ala Moana Beach Park, with the sprawling green fields on your right, and the expansive pacific ocean to your left, eventually finding yourself back at your starting point with a refreshing 2-mile run under your belt.

The Ala Wai Canal

Although this run lasts roughly six miles if you opt to go the full distance, the flat terrain makes it ideal, even for moderate runners. Beginning at Waiea, you’ll head toward Diamond Head, making your way past Ala Moana Boulevard until you arrive at the Ala Wai Promenade. On your right, you’ll see all of the charms of Waikiki unfold. On your left, you’ll have the Ala Wai Canal, chock full of paddlers and other runners. You’ll keep to this stretch of sidewalk for the bulk of your run, eventually making your way to Kapahulu Avenue before turning back to Ward Village.

Diamond Head

This trek begins at the edge of Kapiolani Park, where Monsarrat and Leahi Avenue collide. You’ll start by heading uphill, slogging your way up Monsarrat Avenue. Remember, part of Diamond Head’s appeal lays in its hills, and unlike the other routes in this list, a run around this ancient volcano is guaranteed to get your heart beating in a hurry. By the time you make it to Kapiolani Community College, you’re sure to be sweating as you make your way past the college’s famous cactus gardens. Continuing up Diamond Head Road, the route serpentines and you’ll make a right turn and begin circumnavigating the volcano. After making your way past a slew of mid-century homes you’ll head right and find yourself running along the coast, with all of the Pacific Ocean spread before you. From here, you’ll continue to soak in the beauty of this amazing route as it leads to Kapiolani Park and back to your starting point.