West of Ward Shopping Round-Up

It’s a hot summer afternoon in the heart of Ward Village. You’ve spent the first half of your day perusing the shops at South Shore Market and Ward Centre and even snagged a few new goodies for yourself. But today, you’re feeling adventurous. You notice that there’s a nearby Biki stand and opt to mix things up. You grab a bike, begin peddling, and head west beyond Ward Ave. Gracefully gliding down the bike path, the wind whipping along your face, you make your way to the slice of the community that’s affectionately known as West of Ward. Here, scattered beyond the main thoroughfare of the city’s most dynamic neighborhood, you find a curious collection of shops that range from gourmet rice to home furnishings and beyond.


Bali Aga

Your first stop takes you to Bali Aga, a charming storefront specializing in one-of-a-kind furniture findings curated from South East Asia. With two decades of experience and thousands of homes outfitted with their unique finds, Bali Aga has become a destination for those looking to spruce up their homes. Inside, you find a mix of contemporary pieces that catch your eye, as well as a midcentury modular set that would work perfectly in your home office. You’ll have to come back next time with a car, but you’ll be damned if that’s not going to look sharp next to your desk.

307D Kamani Street



With thoughts of updating your home furnishings now firmly planted in your mind, you decide your next step in your West of Ward journey will be Fiddler’s. Founded in the mid-1950s, this locale has been a destination for decorators in the know for decades. From your tutu to your auntie to your own mom, Fiddler’s has been a part of the ‘ohana for generations. Today, you’re looking for a new mirror that better compliments the bathroom renovation you’ve been planning. After a quick stroll through the showroom, you find exactly what you’re looking for. You purchase it on the spot and schedule a time to pick it up next week.

Bay 3, 851 Pohukaina Street, bldg C


Jana Lam

Next stop, Jana Lam. For years, this studio-meets-showroom has been a hidden gem in the city for those in the know. Featuring some of the cutest hand-made bags and accessories you can find in Honolulu, Janna Lam has been at the forefront of the city’s creative movement. Inside the space, you find a slew of handmade, one of a kind pieces celebrating an authentic lifestyle. You find a few gifts for your friends and a new bag for your self before hittin’ the petals and continuing your West of Ward shopping journey.

851 Pohukaina St c11


The Rice Factory

Tucked away in a nondescript space on Kawaiahao street, you stumble upon the Rice Factory. As the city’s first Japanese rice specialty shop, you’re thrilled to learn that this place exists. Inside, you talk story with a friendly employee who informs you of the store’s origin story. After carefully selecting premium Japanese rice from their farmers’ harvest, The Rice Factory sorts and packages the heirloom grain. To boot, their rice mill is also open to the public, giving patrons an opportunity to learn more about their rice-polishing process. Before you leave, yougrab two bags based on the friendly recommendations of the staff and begin plotting your next

955 Kawaiahao Street



Last but not least, you make your way to Boldface, a unisex beauty service shop located on Pohukaina Street. Inside, you notice the space feels chic, comfortable, and relaxing. A smiling sales associate walks you through their specials and services, which range from lash extensions to waxing, brow shaping, and beyond. But today, you’re here for a gift certificate for your bestie. She’s gonna love it.

851 Pohukaina Street