Your Gift Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner

Your Gift Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner

Finding the right gift to bring to Thanksgiving can be a head-scratcher to say the least. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and have drafted up a handy list of ideas that’ll ensure you’re invited back next year. Now just make sure you save some room for dessert.

A Turkey Carver from Pier 1

Because there are few things in this world more painful to watch than witnessing a perfectly cooked turkey transform into an unappetizing mound of meat because of a dull blade, we introduce the ultimate turkey knife, ensuring you carve the perfect bird, each and every time. Get it at Pier 1, along with that new cutlery set and table cloth you’ve been eyeing, at their Ward Centre storefront today.

A Jaw-Dropping Floral Arrangement from Whole Foods Market

There’s more to putting on the perfect Thanksgiving dinner than an expertly cooked turkey and all the fixins. You also need just the right amount of seasonal decor. This Thanksgiving, offer to pick up a pre-made bouquets or custom floral arrangement for your host. The team at Whole Foods even boast a staff who can transform your floral ideas into a beautiful reality. Show up with a stunning seasonal arrangement and take the party to the next level, your host will love you for it.

A Bucca di Beppo Gift Card

We love the holidays as much as anyone, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that we can eventually get a little tired of feasting on stuffing and gravy day after day. When we’re ready for something satisfying that’s perfect for feeding large crowds, we head to Bucca. If you really want to reward the chef who just spent the last week and a half preparing this meal, load a gift card and tell them thanks. They’ll love you for it.

A Bottle of Red and a Bottle of White from Holoholo Market

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a few bottles of your favorite wine. Whether you’re partial to a crisp sauvignon blanc with your roast turkey or couldn’t imagine Thanksgiving without a hearty cabernet at your side, Holoholo at South Shore Market has you covered. Show up with a few bottles of wine at Thanksgiving (or really any party for that matter) and you’ll be met with open arms. Just make sure to enjoy responsibly.