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Christiane Pfisterer and partner Jota Muno at Nalu.

Apr 04, 2019

The Good Stuff from Nalu

Since October 2017, Nalu Health Bar has been a staple for pre-surf and post-workout grinds at South Shore Market. Featuring a healthy menu focused on locally sourced and organic foods whenever possible, Nalu is best known as the go-to café on the south shore for authentic Brazilian açaí bowls. Using pure grade-A, organic açaí naturally sweetened with native berry syrup from Brazil, the dark purple color of the blended açaí is a sure sign that their bowls are both authentic and utterly delicious. Recently, we caught up with co-owner Christiane Pfisterer to talk surf, açaí, and sharing a healthy lifestyle.  

Would you say that the menu at Nalu is a reflection of your own desire to live a healthy lifestyle?  

Definitely! I believe Nalu is a reflection of how all four owners live. Even though we come from different backgrounds, [all four owners hail from South America] we all have similar lifestyles and values. We have a huge passion for surfing and eating healthy. Before Nalu was open, we used to get together after surfing and make açaí bowls at home or cook meals like you can find at Nalu nowadays. We think of Nalu as our happy place. 

Do you have a favorite menu item? And further, what do you like to eat to get your day started and what do you prefer to nosh on for an afternoon energy boost? 

I have way too many favorites! My top two are the Ahi Sandwich and Nalu Bowl. I absolutely love the mix of flavors of our homemade Nalu Sauce—which is a chimichurri-based sauce from an Argentinian family recipe—with our locally caught ahi on toasted ciabatta. I'll even come in on my days off just to get it. In the mornings I enjoy having a fresh juice—Vitamin Sea or Greenergy—and in the afternoons, definitely our açaí bowls. It's the perfect balance between healthy and tasty, a great energy boost to continue my day without feeling heavy, and a perfect snack after a good surf session! 

Hailing from Brazil, açaí has always been a staple for you. Are you able to reproduce that authentic Brazilian açaí bowl in the islands? 

Absolutely. I was born and raised eating açaí. My partners have been to Brazil as well so we all worked really hard to offer the most authentic Brazilian açaí recipe. We are proud to say that our açaí is considered Grade A. We do not mix it with any frozen fruits or juices. It literally tastes just like if you were to have a bowl in Brazil. We have some Brazilian customers and it's very rewarding to hear from them that our açaí bowls are on point! Açaí is a huge part of Brazil. It's very rich in antioxidants, gives your energy, and is a delicious and healthy snack for any time of the day. 

What do you consider to be a healthy lifestyle? 

I believe a healthy lifestyle is a combination of things, but more importantly, it’s a mindset. It's balancing work and fun, being passive and being active, eating healthy, and exercising. Hawai‘i is a perfect place to stay active since the weather is amazing all year long, and there are many activities you can do if you don't enjoy the gym. A healthy diet makes a difference as well, as it will make you feel better about yourself and it will give you more energy!  

What activities do you like to do around O‘ahu? 

I moved here because of surfing, so that would be my number one activity. I also love hiking and dining out.  

What is it like to be locally owned and operated and a part of the community of like-minded local owners at South Shore Market.  

We are so grateful that Hawai‘i residents are very supportive of local businesses. This way, we are supporting the local economy and enriching our own community. I believe that we all help each other at South Shore Market by being locally owned—we all have our own customers and they love to shop and eat local. We’re stoked with our neighbors and I think we all complement each other very well.  

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